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On many of our days out we like to visit zoos when we find them, and often do so on some of our longer holidays - especially in France.

In the Summer of 2009 our trip through the tunnel for a visit to Germany saw us return via Wuppertal Zoo, and the Japanese Gardens of Hasselt.

Summer 2009

St. Nazaire was a stop on our 2010 tour of France, where we found a really good safari park, Planete Sauvage.  The hotel pool was nice to sit by with an evening beer, but too cold for actual swimming.

St Nazaire

On another tour of France in 2011, we were headed from Falaise to St. Nazaire (again), stopping on the way at a small, but nicely landscaped zoo in Jurques.


Later in 2011, I joined Eddie & The Hot Rods, Dr. Feelgood, and Nine Below Zero on the tail-end of their Great British Pub Rock Tour in France.  On the way between venues, I found and stopped at a very impressive bird park (not part of the tour).


Early in 2012, on our third visit to Australia, we spent a pleasant afternoon in Melbourne Zoo with our grandson, Henry, whom we had just met for the first time.


A quick visit to Woburn Safari Park with Cheryl and Sophie.  (Wednesday 4th July 2012)


October 2012: Usually, on my way home from Germany, I llike to stop off at the zoo in Wuppertal.  It’s not that big, but it’s nicely landscaped to give a decent view of the animals - especially the big cats.  It’s not expensive to get in, either, and during the week, street parking is easy.
Then, I was able to get a good close look at the Schwebebahn (overhead railway).


Another visit to Woburn Safari Park.  This time, Sophie got to meet Peppa Pig.  (Wednesday 20th February 2013)


Loro Parque (Parrot Park), Tenerife, July 2013.  In fact, it was a lot more than just parrots.  A super day out during this short break.

Loro Parque

Euro Tour 2015: Parc des Oiseaux, Villars-les-Dombes, France. I first found this bird park back in 2011 on a brief visit and lunch stop between venues whilst following part of The Great British Pub Rock Tour with Eddie & The Hot Rods, Dr. Feelgood, and Nine Below Zero (see above).  I’ve wanted to go back for a proper visit ever since.  So, here we are!


August 2015:  A day out in the school holidays to Paradise Wildlife Park near Broxbourne.  Not much visible in the way of wildlife, but plenty for kids to do.  A good day out.


A few days after landing in Oz, we visited the Moonlight Wildlife Conservation Sanctuary and had a look at some cuddly animals - and some not so cuddly.


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