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As it says on the main home pages, we spend a lot of time in Germany, as it’s virtually my second home.

There are some more pictures, and more background information on my main web site.

Blank Brown

Our 2005 European tour is divided into three parts, the first taking us to see family in Hohenlimburg, Germany.  Our visit coincided with the Hohenlimburger Stadtfest.  Then, with friends, we came across a town parade featuring lots of old costumes.  Finally we stayed in Düsseldorf.

2005 Tour 1

For our 2007 Christmas shopping expedition, we stayed in Cochem in a hotel overlooking the Moselle, and we also looked at Bernkastel and Trier.

Markets 2007

In the Summer of 2009 our trip through the tunnel saw us return via Wuppertal Zoo, and the Japanese Gardens of Hasselt.

Summer 2009

Whilst on tour with Eddie & The Hot Rods late in 2009, I found a nice little Christmas Market in Freiburg.



In November 2012, I made my almost annual visit to Hohenlimburg.  My original plan had been to see Arsenal play Schalke 04 in Gelsenkirchen, but I was unable to get a ticket, so I hastily rearranged an overnight stop in Dortmund (for half the price). 


After my day in Hohenlimburg, I spent a day looking at some other local sights, including the Möhnesee, and Burg Altena.


Usually, on my way home from Germany, I llike to stop off at the zoo in Wuppertal.  It’s not that big, but it’s nicely landscaped to give a decent view of the animals - especially the big cats.  It’s not expensive to get in, either, and during the week, street parking is easy.
Then, I was able to get a good close look at the Schwebebahn (overhead railway).



On our 2014 Euro Tour, it was just a short drive from Liège into Germany, and along the Rhine to Bonn, our base for a couple of days.  I’ve often passed through on the train, but never stopped to have a look around.  But before our day of looking around the city, we spent an afternoon in Königswinter, firstly to go up to the Drachenfels (Dragon’s Rock) on the rack-railway for some great views of the Rhine and to visit the castle, which, previously I’d by-passed.  Later we had ice-creams by the river.


Still in 2014, our next stop after Bonn was to have been Metz, before crossing into France, we took an unscheduled detour along the Moselle and stopped in Bernkastel, where we had lunch overlooking the river in one of our favourite restaurants.



Our Euro Tour for 2015 was mainly in France, before we headed for Germany and  Ediger-Eller on the Moselle.  We’d stayed at the Moselromantik-Hotel Zum Löwen once before, many years ago, having found it by chance, just driving by on another tour.  This time, it was to be a base for visiting both Bernkastel and Cochem - a couple of our favourite places.


After the mini-tour of the Moselle, we were going to spend a few days in Hohenlimburg, and while we were there, we had arranged to meet my cousin, Claudia, and her husband in the neighbouring town of Letmathe.  It just so happened that a travelling funfair, the Kilian Kirmes was in town, too.  The Letmathe Kirmes has been an annual event (third weekend in July) for as long as I can remember.


For the last leg of our 2015 Euro Tour, we spent a few days in Hohenlimburg.  Sadly, like all similar towns, fings ain’t what they used to be, and Hohenlimburg seems to be a shadow of what it once was.  The town centre was mostly empty, and some of the shops were closed - even Kaiser’s café (see earlier album).  All that’s left are memories.


As part of the nostalgia trip, I have included some pictures of the iron and steel works that some of my family worked in.


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