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Some pictures from our various travels: Holidays, long weekends, and days out.

There are several more travel photos on our main (old) web site, featuring India, Mexico, Egypt, Thailand, The Seychelles, Mauritius, Antigua, and Morocco, plus some other weekends and days out.  (Click on the brown button.)

Brown Blank

Australia: Firstly, a month away for Mark’s wedding, followed by a few more trips for various family occasions.

Cancun 1999.  Our first holiday outside Europe.

Croatia 2009: A spring break early in the year.

Days Out: Exactly what it says on the tin, including evenings out.

Euro Tours: Various driving tours through Belgium, France, Germany, and Holland.

Florence 2009: Our main holiday this year, where we also had a couple of days out with Mark & Adele, who were over from Oz.

Germany: Various trips to my ‘second home’.

Interrail:  My first of tours was in 1996, and pictures from this are included in my old web site (see the brown button, above).  The albums here start in 2001, with a long gap until 2013.

ISGF: I was priveleged to join the International Scout & Guide Fellowship Conferences in New Delhi in 1999 and Vancouver in 2002.

Jersey 2012: A trip to comemmorate our 40th anniversary.  Also mostly paid for using Airmiles (now called Avios).

Malta 2016: A ‘Spring Break’ to relax and soak up some Sun.  As usual, we went on a few excursions, too.

Monteregro, April 2010.  Another Spring break - this time for 2 weeks.  Just a bit further along the coast from Croatia.

Rome 2009: A free trip, courtesy of Airmiles (since renamed ‘Avios)’.

Tenerife 2013:  Almost a last-minute decision.  Also a surprise for Ann, as she didn’t know where we were going until we were on the airport shuttle bus from the car park

Thailand 2014:  We joined Mark & Adele, who had flown up from Oz with our grandchildren Henry and Frederik. We stayed in two different resorts, one in Khao Lak, and then in Phuket, at the same resort as 14 years earlier.

Three Centres: Going right back to 2000, these re-scanned slides were from Cairo, Bangkok, and Phuket.

Xmas Markets:  We like to visit at least one every year.

Zoos:  We’ve visited a few of these, too.

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