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Cancun, Mexico 1999






This has to count as our first real ‘long haul’ holiday, i.e. outside Europe, back in the days when we were both still working full time.  The first thing that struck us was the heat, with condensation permanently on the outsides of the windows to our accommodation.  The next oddity was walking around Cancun city centre in just shorts and vests and seeing Christmas stuff in the shops.  Another novelty was ‘all inclusive’ drinks, where the waiters didn’t need any prompting to keep us constantly supplied.

This first album comprises scanned copies of photos bought from the organisers of a few of the activities we took part in: Swimming with dolphins in the sea just off Isla Mujeres, swimming in the underground rivers in Xcaret, and a ‘pirate’ cruise and dinner.

Cancun 1

The next album is of some scans taken from some prints we found in an old album during one of our ‘clear-outs’.  The camera was permanently on a ‘panoramic’ setting.

Cancun 2

Finally, we found some slide transparencies and scanned them, with varying degrees of success.  The dark pictures, especially, didn’t come out too well, but I think you’ll get the idea.  The first set of these is of the resort, Club Las Velas, including the entertainment (and Halloween).

Las Velas

The Cancun peninsula has one road going from one end to the other, and there were frequent busses all day that served all the hotels, shopping malls, and bars & restaurants.  This album is a sample, that includes a dinner & show on a pirate galleon.

Cancun 3

Our main excursions were to the Great Pyramid at Chichen Itza, the ruins at Tulum, and the ecological park at Xcaret where we swam in the underground rivers (see also ‘Cancun 1’ above), and went to the Isla Mujeres to swim with dolphins (ditto).

Day Trips

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