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Some collections of pictures taken at various musical events or tours, including, amongst others, John Otway’s Acrostic Tour, The annual Rockin’ Beerfests (now renamed the Cambridge Rock Festival), and the annual Rock and Blues Festivals at Butlin’s, Skegness, and a few others.

A small album that gets a special mention here (click on the button) relates to an exhibition in Aylesbury to commemmorate Friars the music club I belonged to when I lived in Aylesbury.  For me, although I had been to earlier gigs, including the Beatles, Stones, The Who, Kinks, Mott at the RAH, and so on, this was where my passion for live music really started.  Most of the exhibits at the exhibition brought back fond memories, plus a few regrets about gigs I missed.  C’est la vie.


Also featured are some ‘local’ bands based in and around the Bedford/Hemel Hempstead/Watford area.

I have tried to re-sort the music pages to make things easier to find. Generally speaking, any artiste or event appearing more than once will have a discrete page.  I have also tried to cross-index albums that belong in more than one category.  Please let me know if you find any anomalies, or have any suggestions (see contact details on the ‘HOME’ page).

Rammstein at The Wembley Arena far surpassed any rock show I had seen or heard in over 40 years.  Stunning!  Simply stunning.  I was lucky enough to see them again at the London O2.  Another superb show.

A couple of months after Wembley, I went to the Scala Theatre in London, ostensibly to see Tracie Hunter, but the full line-up was Tres Caleveras, Bubblegum Screw, The Tracie Hunter Band, Spizz Energi, and The Glitter Band featuring Angie Bowie, and a surprise appearance by Adam Ant.  It turned out to be a brilliant night.

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