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A collection of albums about where we live, or have lived, and the surrounding areas.  We first moved to Hemel Hempstead in 1978, after having lived in Aylesbury for six years.

Shortly after we moved to Hemel, Kent Brushes in Apsley decided that they no longer needed their factory chimney.  This sequence of pictures was taken using a manual film wind-on.


Some pictures taken in and around Dacorum in one afternoon in October 2008 for a Hospice Of St. Francis Quiz.

Dacorum 2008

Some more pictures taken in and around Dacorum (and a little further afield) for the 2009 quiz for The Hospice Of St. Francis.

Dacorum 2009

Pictures of the first snows of 2010.  The first set is of our house and our garden.

Snow Home

More pictures of the first snows of 2010.  Taken on the same day, the second set is of Hemel Hempstead town centre, and the adjacent Gadebridge Park.

Snow Hemel

Back In The Night! A third set of pictures of the snow, taken on the same day.  I went back to the town centre at night, and a few other places around town.  It meant Buster got an extra walk, as well.

Snow Night

Not local now, but it used to be.  Here are a few shots of where I used to live in Islington.


March 2010: A visit to Bovingdon Market, which claims to be “The Biggest and the Best Saturday and Bank Holiday Market in England.”


December 2011:  A brief walk with Buster in Whippendell Woods on the edge of Watford, showing a fraction of the timber that was being removed in the name of ‘forestry’.


Buster still likes the snow.  Here he is in February 2012 in Maylands Wood (only recently discovered by us) and Whippendell Woods.


The first snows of 2013, and Buster still enjoys Whippendell Wood.


Spring 2013:  A few pictures of some of the plants in our garden and conservatory.


An afternoon out with Sophie in Cassiobury Park, Watford.


On one of my visits to Whippendell Wood with Buster, I noticed some filming activity around a dilapidated barn along Langleybury Lane.  I stopped by later, and took a few pictures.


Spring (March) 2014: Buster and Mags sniffing around in Whippendell Wood again (it’s becoming an annual event), with a couple of pictures from the surrounding area.

Buster Mags

Spring (April) 2014: A few shots of our newly decorated living room, our conservatory, and our garden.


Spring (April) 2015: Our conservatory again - this time concentrating on Ann’s collection of colourful orchids.


Accident !  A visiting friend left on his motorbike and collided with a car coming the other way.


Curious Gifts !  New neighbours demonstrate a curious way of attracting visitors to their shop.


More from Spring 2015:  A few spring flowers - mainly on the small rockery (which needs re-building).


And still more from Spring 2015: Bluebells, Buster, Sadie, and Sophie in Whippendell Wood and Bunkers Park, later in May.  A few more pictures were added in March 2016.


Still in March, Sophie has a riding lesson at Westwick Row Stables.


Dead Wood!  Taking our new dog, Rupert (Roo Roo) to Whippendell Wood isn’t always in glorious sunshine or with sparkling snow.  So far this Winter, it’s been dull and miserable.  But some of the dead or dying trees can still be interesting to look at.  This small album was taken using my ‘phone in February and March 2017.


A very small album taken in April 2017 on my phone of the blossom in the playing fields along Lower Road.


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