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A Few Albums Just For Fun






These ‘themed’ pictures are mostly taken from other albums, and offer a slightly different perspective on things.  These albums are constantly being updated as the other new albums are added or added to.  Keep checking back here to see who you can recognise.  It could be you!  In fact, If you’ve ever been near me carrying a camera, or wearing shades, whiskers, or a hat, when I’ve been holding a camera, it almost certainly will be.  Thanks, too, to anyone who has shared their own pictures with me.

I hope you enjoy seeing them and yourselves in this way. The last update was in July 2016.

BEARDS and MOUSTACHES: A new album for 2014 - some pictures of hirsute friends and performers, and any other hairy folk who have got in the line of fire.  (Last updated 9/9/2016)

Beards Moustaches

BUBBLES, BALLS, and BALLOONS: Another miscellaneous, but not exhaustive, collection of pictures, this time featuring various spherical objects.


FANS: Join the fan club!  More pointless pictures - involving fans.


FEET: This is the one that started it all.  On my way around various events and places, I started to notice several items of distinctive footwear - both on and off-stage.  Have a look for yourself.  (Last updated 10/9/2016)


FOOD: The Food Hall: A new album for 2015.  The idea for this album came from Jay Nolan-Latchford, a member of the Rhodes Rock family.  As well as mostly my own pictures, there was significant input from a few others, not least of all, Sally Newhouse - in particular, her creation, Spudacus (No! I’m Spudacus!).

Food Hall

FRIENDS: Also new for 2015.  An egotistic collection of pictures featuring me and several members of the fairer sex.  Of course, these could not all have been taken by me, so I am grateful to all those other photographers whose work appears here, and I acknowledge that in all cases, copyright © remains with them. 


HANDS: Another bit of silliness: we’ve had heads and feet, so now it’s time for the hands.   (Last updated 10/9/2016)


HATS: You want hats?  We’ve got hundreds of ‘em.  Hot on the HEELS of the feet collection, here is a miscellaneous, but not exhaustive, collection of people in various examples of headgear.  Most of these pictures came from some of my older albums, but a few were nicked from friends on Facebook (with both thanks and apologies).  Last updated 10/9/2016)


PHOTOGRAPHERS: I’ve also noticed that I have several pictures of other photographers in action at various events.   (Last updated 31/10/2016)


POLICE: The Police Files: This album arose from a couple of pictures I took in Montenegro, and a subsequent Facebook ‘conversation’.  (Last updated 19/9/2016)


QUOTES: A new album showing various quotes gleaned from a number of sources, including some of my own.  I’ll leave you to figure out which are which.   (Last updated 1/11/2016)


SHADES: Another new album for 2014 - Fifty shades and more.  People wearing shades, or other eye protection.    (Last updated 1/11/2016)


SIGNS: Signs of the times: A few pictures of various signs - some scary, some saucy, some just amusing.


AN OLD PICTURE COLLECTION: This is a collection of pictures, compiled from my old web site, that amused me at the time.  I have no idea where they came from, but I’m sharing them again.


T-SHIRTS: Well, it had to happen eventually.  It’s time to say goodbye to some old t-shirts and vests that we don’t really have room for any more, and mostly no longer fit, either.  So, this set of pictures represents their last farewell.  There are some good memories here.






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