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First National Bank: I joined Cassell Arenz & Co. Ltd, the merchant banking arm of First National Finance Corporation on 17th March 1969, and stayed with the group until 31st October 2002, when FNB was part of the Abbey Group, since swallowed up by Santander.  These album represents a few scraps salvaged from those days.
Some of the photos in these albums were ‘official’ publicity pictures that I acquired by the simple expedient of asking for them.  I’m glad I did.  There are lots of good memories in there.

The first album is a miscellany e publicity shots featuring ‘mugshots’ of some of our directors and other features of ‘office life’.  There are a couple of odd shots that don’t readily fit anywhere else.

First National

Sportswise, we were very active.  Featured in this album are the cricket club, five-a-side football, the running club, and the badminton club.  We also had a football club, a squash club, and a weekly keep fit class.


We also had a very active social club, FNSC.  Working within a generously Company subsidised budget, we put on roughly 18 events every year for about 20 years.  Included in the annual programme was a weekend away somewhere in Europe.  This album is from a trip to Amsterdam.  I can’t remember if they were all from the same weekend, but there are also pictures from Volendam, Eindhoven, Sluis, Bruges, and Ghent.


FNSC away for the weekend again.  This album is mainly about a stay by the Moselle, with some excursions to Burg Eltz, Bernkastel, Cochem, and a river cruise.


Just a couple of ‘left-overs’ from FNSC outing:  A weekend in Calais, and a Swim/Barbecue/Disco somewhere South of London.

Odds Ends

The legendary FNB Christmas parties.  Starting with the very first one (1970 or 1971?) at the Harrow Rugby Club, I don’t think I missed more that a couple until I got made redundant in 2002.  The venues got more salubrious, including The Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane (1973 - the evening’s compere was Bob Monkhouse, and the live ‘band’ was the Joe Loss Orchestra), rhe Park Lane Hilton, and the Royal Lancaster in Bayswater.  I’m not sure which one this album is from.


Another FNB Christmas ‘do’.  Again, I can’t remember what year it was, but the evening’s entertainment included a casino.


On the subject of Christmas, most departments would have their own celebration - usually a lunch in a local restaurant.  For most, the lunch break lasted about 2 - 3 hours, but, over the years, some would try to break the record for the length of their lunch.  We in IT tended to have a more modest time.  Here is a very small album of one of ours.


Another FNSC trip - to the Granada TV Studios.  There aren’t many FNB folk in these pictures.




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