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We like to party, as these albums will testify (listed, more-or-less in date order - weddings are listed in white):

Mark & Adele’s ‘Leaving Do’ before they leave for Australia.

Oz Party

Mark and Adele’s Wedding: the ceremony was held at Ashcombe Maze on the Mornington Peninsula, and then the reception was held at the Moonah Links golf course, also on the peninsula.

Wedding MA

Cheryl and Sunil have a combined Halloween party and House Warming.


Ruthie’s Barbecue, August 2009: Check out the beautiful surroundings.


Summer Barbecue, August 2009: These pictures appear with the kind permission of the photographer, and my extra special little buddy, Sally Newhouse, ably assisted by Rob and Jay Newhouse (with some minor editing by me).  Many of these pictures can also be found on facebook, duly tagged and commented upon.


These additional pictures are mainly taken my me during the following week show the garden almost restored to its former state.  There are also a few pictures that Ann took on the night, and some more recent garden photos.


Halloween 2009: Two years on, and it’s back to Cheryl and Sunil’s for another excuse for us to dress up.


Eddie and The Hot Rods ‘Christmas Party’ 2009.  Musical mayhem, showing the boys as they have never been seen before.


New Years Eve 2009 at The Oddfellows Arms in Apsley. This one was within walking distance of home, so ... no driving!.  Music was provided by Scandal.

NYE 2009

Cheryl and Sunil’s Wedding in February 2010: The ceremony was conducted in Shendish Manor, Apsley, and was followed by a Wedding Breakfast there. 

Wedding Shendish

Wedding continued: After Apsley, we were transported, some by mini-bus, all the way over to Slough for an evening of entertainment - Indian style.  Then, of course, some of us had to be bussed back to Shendish.

Wedding Slough

June 2010: Sally celebrates a birthday at Danny’s Bar, with music supplied by The X-Certs.

Sals Party

A very small collection of pictures from Susanne’s Summer barbecue.


Another barbecue, as we return to Ruthie and Steve’s, this time with some live music from Four Wheel Drive.  Summer afternoons don’t come much better than this. (31/7/2010)


Tony’s 50th Birthday party, held at Blackwell’s, Chipperfield, with music supplied by Scandal (with guest vocalist and a very special guest percussionist).


Summer Barbecue, August 2010.  For the first time, we held our barbecue on the August Bank Holiday weekend.


Sarah’s Birthday Bash: Starting off at The Admiral Nelson, Whitton, Twickenham, with music supplied by the excellent Bad Penny, and finishing up at Sarah & Gab’s place.  They were still going strong when I left to resume chauffeur duties at 3:00 a.m.  (4/9/2010)

Sarah Party

Kati & Richard’s wedding reception at Great Missenden Abbey. (11/9/2010)


Scandal House Of Horror: Halloween at The Oddfellows Arms. (30/10/2010)


T.A.T. (Thick As Thieves) Xmas Bash, held at Merton Manor, South Wimbledon.  Music was provided by Dripfeed, augmented for a couple of songs by members of Four Wheel Drive. (3/12/2010)


A few days after Ann’s ‘official’ retirement from Park Resorts, we attended their Christmas dinner at Hatfield House, where there was also some mediaeval ‘entertainment’. (17/12/2010)

Hatfield House

Not a party as such, but a celebration all the same - Sophie’s First Christmas, plus some ‘scene-setting’ pictures from the week.


I unearthed some old prints from our very first ‘big’ barbecue over 20 years ago.  It’s nice to know we’re keeping up with the tradition.


A triple birthday celebration for Tania, Tommy, & Yvonne at the Coach & Horses in Hounslow.  Also, it was another chance to see Bad Penny (049: 20/5/2011)

Triple Birthday

Another birthday party - Dipster’s 40th, with a ‘Rock’ theme.


Sally’s Birthday.  The X-Certs.  Danny’s Bar.  Great combination.  (056: 5/6/2011)

Sals Party

Sophie’s First Birthday, at home with some of her ‘under ones’ friends.


Wedding: Sarah Louise Manser and Kevin David Risby.


Summer Barbecue, July 2011.  Not as well attended as in previous years, but the rain stayed away, and we had a nice relaxing time.


Rebecca Slater’s 30th Birthday in The Union, Greek Street, Soho.  Live music was supplied by Wired.


T.A.T. Xmas Bash 2011, held, as last year, at Merton Manor, South Wimbledon.  Live music was a full set each from Four Wheel Drive and Dripfeed.  (125: 3/12/2011)


The informers last gig of 2011 was in celebration of Rob Vernon’s 60th birthday at Esquire’s in Bedford.  Support was by Thr3e.  (132: 17/12/2011)


Anna Harvey and Denise Sewell both celebrate their birthdays at The Oddfellows Arms.  (19/12/2011)


Another  December birthday!  Sandrine Caire celebrated hers in The Butler,  Reading. (22/12/2011)


Lucy celebrates her birthday with Wired in the Plough And Harrow in Harpenden. (Actually, we had started celebrating in The Blacksmith’s Arms in St. Albans at midnight the night before.)  More silliness with hats (sorry - my fault).  (12/022, 18/2/2012)


Lucy continued her birthday celebrations with a Pancake Party on Shrove Tuesday, 21st February 2012.


In April 2012, we met our grandson, Henry, for the first time in Melbourne.  In May, we celebrated his first birthday and Christening.


June 2012:  Helen & Andy’s Wedding.  The service was at St. Paul’s Church, Chipperfield, and the reception was held in the rather impressive Ashridge House.


The X-certs make their traditional Sunday afternoon visit to Danny’s Bar for Sally’s birthday - with special guest appearances from a couple of members of Wired (as well as Tim).  Look out for some silly hats.  (12/052 3/6/2012)

Sals Party

Roma starts the 2012 barbecue season under way, giving Sidney Salmon a roasting in sunny Melton Mowbray, and not a pie in sight.  (Saturday 23rd June 2012)


Our own Summer Barbecue, 2012:  Once again, I left the photo taking to others.  This year, it was Nic and Sally, who, between them, did a splendid job.  Look out for Spudacus.


In October 2012, I celebrated my birthday in three parts.  1) A quiet family dinner at a local carvery.  2) In The Bull’s Head with The X-certs (12/111) and the obligatory bipperty bopperty hat from Sally.  3) In The Plough & Harrow in Harpenden with Wired, where we also had a light buffet.  (12/112)


October 2013, and I became an ‘official’ pensioner.  Additional pictures were kindly provided by Sally Newhouse, Suzanne Doherty, and Tim Gale.


In March 2014, Cheryl had a birthday party at home, and Sophie made the perfect hostess.  Pyrotechnics were supplied by Sunil.


RRE 2014: Friday night was the ‘Anything Goes’ Fancy Dress Night, with music provided by Stargazer and Four Wheel Drive.  (14/061, Friday 6th June 2014)


RRE 2014: The Tutu Beach Party (even Desmond was there) at the Malapesquera Beach Club, with music from Jimi Anderson & The Core.  In the evening, we returned to the Elefante for The ZZ Tops and Live Wire, although I never got to see the latter.  (14/064 and 14/065, Monday 9th June.)


We were invited to the Sattavis Patidar Centre in Wembley Park to celebrate the marriage of our neighbour, Vijayakaran, to Luxsika.  It was a celebration unlike any we’d seen before.  Sunday 22nd June 2014.


October 2014: Once again, I was able to celebrate my birthday in the Plough And Harrow in Harpenden, with music from my good friends, Wired. Again, we also had a light buffet during the interval.  (14/107, Saturday 25th October 2014)


Nigel Grodde celebrated his 65th birthday in Esquire’s, Bedford, with music provided by The A Band, aided by several guests you might recognise.  (15/017, Saturday 14th February 2015)


Suzanne Doherty’s birthday party in Mendoza’s, Aylesbury.  28th February 2015.


The X-certs make yet another Sunday afternoon visit to Danny’s Bar for another of Sally’s birthday parties, with  a couple of special guest vocalists.  As usual, there were plenty of bipperty bopperty hats in evidence.  (15/061, Sunday 7th June 2015)

Sals Party

RRE 2015: A fun day, with members of Stray and Pearl Handled Revolver joining in the aquarobics in the pool just after breakfast.  The evening was the ‘anything goes’ fancy dresss night, with music  from the afore-mentioned Stray and Pearl Handled Revolver.  The evening was rounded off by Oliver/Dawson Saxon.  Look out for the flying shark.  (15/063, Thursday 11th June 2015).


Another highlight of RRE 2015 was Sunday afternoon’s Beach Tutu Party held, as last year,  at the Malapesquera Beach Bar.  Live music was provided by The Core, with Jimi Anderson.  (15/066, Sunday 14t June 2015)


On my last day at RRE 2015, a few coachloads of us headed along the coast to Mijas for an ‘Exotic Swimwear Party’ on a ‘Secret Beach’.  Music was provide by Howie G & Friends.  (15/069, Tuesday 16th June 2015)


Kevin and Suzi’s Wedding.  Included in the day’s festivities was a fireworks display, and entertainment from The Red Bullets, The Heathrow Jets, and Wired - the last two featuring Kevin on vocals.  Altogether a great day.  (15/116, Saturday 5th December 2015)


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