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In February 1999, I was privileged to attend the 22nd ISGF-AISG World Conference in New Delhi, India.  An amazing experience, both in the conference, and in the opportunity to get a small glimpse of the area around Delhi, Agra (Taj Mahal), and Jaipur (The Pink City).  The contrasts, the sights, and the smells were all too much to take in on just the one visit, so, naturally, I would like to go back.

The first album is about the conference itself - the venue, the ceremonials, and entertainment both in the conference hall and elsewhere in and around the hotel.  Some of the individual pictures have more descriptions.


We were all invited to a barbecue at the Indian National Scout Headquarters in Delhi.  Nothing, but nothing, had prepared me for the enthusiastic welcome we received.  As we arrived, we were met with a barrage of noise.  We were showered with rose petals.  There was music, dancing, and, most of all, lots of noise.  The track leading in was lined by Scouts & Guides, all smiling and waving, and some stepping forward to shake our hands.  We were each given a small stem rose.  All totally overwhelming, and repeated as each of our busses arrived.

Scout HQ

We had a few trips in to Delhi itself - some ‘official’, and one where a few of us ‘bunked off’ from the tedium of the conference and hired a minibus to go sight-seeing.


The conference included a choice of excursions.  I opted for the coach trip to Agra and the Taj Mahal.  I later made a second visit to Agra after the conference.  The second visit to Agra was a private one arranged by Cox & Kings, locally, and continued to Jaipur via Fatephur Sikri, before returning to Delhi.


In Jaipur, I had a personal guide, who took me to see The Palace Of Winds, The Amber Fort up in the hills, The City Palace Museum, and the Astrological Museum Park.  An exhausting day.










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