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Another excellent local band with a good repertoire and the ability to get the whole house rocking and dancing.  The band includes Tim Gale on Guitar, who also plays in the equally x-cellent X-Certs.

Late March, 2010.  The first time I saw wired was at The Oddfellows Arms in Apsley.


The Horns, Watford was my next sight of Wired, after having seen The X-Certs twice in a week.   Another excellent night, and Lucy also provided another picture for the ‘Feet Files’.

Horns Feet

Hobble On The Cobbles - Aylesbury.  This year’s album includes Wired, and D’Arcspire. (29/8/2010)

Hobble on Cobbles

Wired appeared at the Beer Keller (note the spelling) in the basement of a hotel in Bracknell.  Despite being a hotel, the venue could provide neither food nor a changing room for the band, who had to eat elsewhere and change in the (admittedly spacious & spotless) toilets.

Beer Keller

Wired are ‘local’ again, in Berkhamsted, complete with its resident know-all.  Another good performance from the band, though.


Wired at The Plough And Harrow in Harpenden, which, by coincidence, I had twice driven past earlier the same day.  Another nice local venue. (27/11/2010)


The Last Bar in Holborn is one of those glass-fronted city bars full of mostly office types.  Wired soon has them all dancing.

Last Bar

Back in Berkhamsted, Wired put on another impressive performance, despite having a member missing.  The house was friendlier than usual, making it a good night out all round. (007: 21/1/2011)


It was another great night for my second visit to The Castle, this time to see Wired, who are rapidly becoming one of my favourite live bands. (010: 29/1/2011)


Wired in Berkhamsted again - this time with a full squad.  We had the drunks in again tonight, but we were still able to enjoy the set. (11/014: 11/3/2011)


The full Wired squad again, for the second night in a row.  This time in a new venue for both me and the band - O’Neill’s in High Wycombe.  Despite battling against a shockingly inadequate house P.A., there was still a sufficiently good atmosphere generated to ensure a good evening in the end.


Wired at another new local venue - The Green Man, in Leverstock Green, Hemel Hempstead. (031: 9/4/2011)

Green Man

Wired’s turn at The Blacksmith’s Arms in St. Albans. The pub layout didn’t quite suit their act, but I enjoyed it anyway. (034: 15/4/2011)


Another visit to Bracknell, where the venue has been renamed ‘The Keller’, althought their Facebook page calls it the Bier Keller (correct spelling, this time). Prior to the show, we adjourned to a local bub, The Bridge, for a meal. Back to The Keller, after a slow start, it turned out to be a lively, if somewhat odd, gig. (036: 23/4/2011)

Beer Keller

Another new venue for me - The Old Ticket Hall in Windsor. (050: 27/5/2011)


Another visit to the Plough And Harrow in Harpenden, where the band encountered a new kind of music critic. (052: 30/5/2011)


Wired return toThe Green Man, in Leverstock Green.  An interesting evening. (065: 18/6/2011)

Green Man

Music on The Moor (Box Moor, Hemel Hempstead) was a showcase of several local bands.  Although two of my favourites, The Informers and Wired did excellent, if compressed sets, there were some notable absences, Scandal, for example.  We did have a couple of nice rainbows, though.  (072: 9/7/2011)

Box Moor

The day after Music On The Moor, Wired played at a charity event for Aylesbury Cricket Club, and had themselves a bit of fun. (073: 10/7/2011)


Wired return to Berkhamsted, with Jimi Joyce, of Scandal, guesting for a couple of songs.  (11/084: 27/8/2011)


Rebecca Slater’s 30th Birthday in The Union, Greek Street, Soho.  Live music was supplied by Wired.  (089: 8/9/2011)


Wired’s return to The Blacksmith’s Arms in St. Albans found everyone in a party mood, with some good-natured silliness towards the end. (095: 23/9/2011)


Wired return to Berkhamsted on Christmas Eve.  Everyone was in a silly mood.  (11/135: 24/12/2011)


Lucy celebrates her birthday with Wired in the Plough And Harrow in Harpenden. (Actually, we started celebrating in The Blacksmith’s Arms in St. Albans at midnight the night before.)  More silliness with hats (sorry - my fault).  (12/022, 18/2/2012)


Wired find a new venue - The County Arms in Highams Park, Chingford.  None of us knew what to expect, but it turned out to be a good and friendly evening.  (12/030, Friday 9/3/2012)

County Arms

My third vist to The Beer Keller in Bracknell was again to see Wired.  After the now ‘traditional’ meal at The Bridge, for which Malcolm kindly assumed ‘the chair’, the gig itself was one of the liveliest we’d seen here.  A most enjoyable evening.  (12/037, Saturday 24/3/2012)

Beer Keller

Wired return to The Horns in Watford for another festive night.  This smallish album has no shots of the band on stage, but depicts some after-show silliness with members of the band.  The album also includes some pictures of me ‘borrowed’ from Andy Tomkins, with his kind permission. (12/040, Saturday 31/3/2012)


The X-certs make their traditional Sunday afternoon visit to Danny’s Bar for Sally’s birthday - with special guest appearances from a couple of members of Wired (as well as Tim).  Look out for some silly hats.  (12/052 3/6/2012)

Sals Party

June 2012: Wried return to The Blacksmith’s once again.  Another fun evening.  (12/055, Friday 8/6/2012)


Wired make another return to The Horns.   (12/060, Saturday 16th June 2012)


This is a smallish album of Wired in Molloy’s, Watford.  (With special thanks to Lucy for saving the big armchair for me.)  (12/080, Friday 10th August 2012)


Croxfest 2012:The full line-up this year was: V1, Simply Vintage, Colvex (bought the CD), Telstar, Late Day Breakers, The Swerves, Caution Horses, The Scratch, Wired, Flutatious. (12/095, Saturday 8th September 2012)


In October 2012, I celebrated my birthday in three parts.  1) A quiet family dinner at a local carvery.  2) In The Bull’s Head with The X-certs (12/111) and the obligatory bipperty bopperty hat from Sally.  3) In The Plough & Harrow in Harpenden with Wired, where we also had a light buffet.  (12/112)


Not long before Christmas, as Wired play The Doctor’s Tonic in Welwyn.  On arrival, we were met by several hi-res jackets, and some walking traffic cones.  (12/129, Saturday 15th December 2012)


More fun as Wired see in the New Year in The Plough and Harrow, Harpenden.  (12/133, Monday 31st December 2012)


My good friends, Wired make another return to The Blacksmith’s Arm in St. Albans.  Their set was preceded by a surprise musician performing to raise money for our armed forces.  (13/037, Friday 5th April 2013)


Three gigs in one album, as WIRED return to The Goat in Berkhamsted and The Plough & Harrow, Harpenden, and back again to The Goat, all in 2014.  (14/052, Friday 16th May, 14/059 Saturday 31st May, and 14/101Saturday 4th October.)


October 2014: Once again, I was able to celebrate my birthday in the Plough And Harrow in Harpenden, with music from my good friends, Wired. Again, we also had a light buffet during the interval.  (14/107, Saturday 25th October 2014)


Another fun evening with Wired at The Plough and Harrow in Harpenden.  (14/120, Saturday 20th December 2014.)


At the beginning of 2016, Wired underwent a couple of personnel changes, and here is my first album of the new line-up.  The venue is The Blacksmith’s Arms.  (16/024, Friday 8th April 2016)


Although we’ve been back here a few times in-between, it seems like ages.  After the usual slow start, things livened up by the end of the evening.  (16/081, Saturday 19th November 2016)


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