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The Tropic At Ruislip

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Another venue fairly close to home, that is picking up a reputation for hosting a fair sprinkling of good bands, including some of my favourites.

Early in July, Del played another solo acoustic set at The Crown in Ley Hill.  Photo-less this time, but the following evening saw Stray in full flow at The Tropic, in Ruislip.


John Otway and The Big Band pay a visit to The Tropic Of Ruislip. (15/10/2010)

Otway Big Band

The following week, the visitors were Stray, who made a welcome return. (22/10/2010)


Eddie & The Hot Rods make their first visit to The Tropic in Ruislip. (023:26/3/2011)


t doesn’t seem possible that there’s a thirty month gap between this album and the last.  Anyway, here we are, catching up with Stray, back at The Tropic.  (15/04, Friday 6th February 2015)


Roadhouse visit The Tropic At Ruislip, ably supported by Red Butler.  (15/023, Friday 6th March 2015 )


Roadhouse make a return to the Tropic, this time supported by Yoka and Big Ray.  (16/083, Sunday 27th November 2016)


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