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Prezence: ‘Meaty’ rock.  You’ll also find some pricture of Prezence/Stargazer at Rhodes Rock as an ‘Event’  More recently, a small change to personnel has given rise to Memento,.

I first saw Prezence in The Coach & Horses in Hounslow towards the end of 2011.  (11/124: 2/12/2011)

Coach Horses

I caught up with them again in The Ailsa Tavern in Twickenham very early in 2012.  Shelley David also joined them ‘on stage’ for one song.  (12/003: 7/1/2012)


Back to The Coach & Horses in Hounslow, for another fun evening.  (12/027, Friday 2/3/2012)

Coach Horses

At the time, a new venue - twice within the space of a week - The Cross Lances in Hounslow, with some personnel changes. Apologies for the picture quality, which I attribute to the poor lighting. (13/107, Saturday 9th November 2013, & 13/109, Friday 15th November 2013.)

Cross Lances

A compilation of pictures from three gigs in West London. (13/123, Saturday 21st December 2013, Admiral Nelson, Whitton, Twickenham. 14/016, Saturday 8th February 2014, Duke Of York, Hanworth, Hounslow. 14/018, Friday 14th February 2014, Three Magpies, Heathrow.)


A smallish album of Prezence in The Green Man, Hatton Cross, Heathrow.  (14/023, Friday 28th February 2014)

Green Man

Back to The Cross Lances in Hounslow.  Many of the pictures are silhouettes because of the back-lighting, and in a few cases, I had to resort to flash.  (14/033, Friday 21st March 2014)

Cross Lances

Prezence return to The Green Man, Hatton Cross, Heathrow.  (14/041, Saturday 19th April 2014)

Green Man

A new venue for me - The Globe in Brentford.  (14/043, Friday 25th April 2014.)


Memento appeared at the Elgiva Theatre in Chesham, supporting Appetite For Illusion, but maybe it should have been the other way around.  (15/002, Friday 9th January 2015.)


Although I’ve seen Memento several times in the intervening period, this is a rare photo album of the boys in action.  Here they are at The Fox & Duck near Richmond.  (16/054,  Saturday 9th July 2016)

Fox Duck

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