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The Oddfellows Arms






Although this is another venue local to me, I didn’t ‘discover’ it until New Year’s Eve 2009/10.  Friday nights are the regular music nights, and there’s a friendly and lively crowd in there.

New Years Eve 2009 at The Oddfellows Arms in Apsley. This one was within walking distance of home, so ... no driving!.  Music was provided by Scandal.

NYE 2009

Late March, 2010.  The Oddfellows Arms plays host to Wired, a band including Tim Gale, who also plays in The X-Certs.


A week later, and Scandal are on their home turf, showing everyone how to have a good time.


And a few days after that, a few regulars and staff went on a ramble.


Spring Bank Holiday 2010 - Friday: Scandal kick-off a great weekend back in their own home.


Another great night at The Odds, courtesy of The Daves.


June 2010: A new band for me, Gravity.  This is a relatively small album depicting another good night out at The Odds.


Still in June, World Cup fever grips The Odds, as England v. Slovenia is shown on the big screen.  Later that week, the J45s occupy the Friday night music slot.

Football 45

The Informers make a welcome return to The Oddfellows Arms. (16/7/2010)


An Odd anniversary/birthday: Anna celebrates two years at The Oddfellows Arms, and makes some awards.


We Are The Odds - We Are The Odds:  A sort of Vigil held when the future of the pub, as we know it, was uncertain.  Here’s what Anna Harvey had to say: “The Odd people.  Friends through and through... Just being tested at the moment but without people we are nothing... It was a great night on Sunday and I think we are all very lucky to have met everyone so I suppose its just a gathering of friends and smiles, thoughts and strength...”

Odds We Are

Scandal House Of Horror: Halloween at The Oddfellows Arms. (30/10/2010)


Another onslaught from The Daves. (26/11/2010)


Christmas Eve 2010: Scandal finish off the year in fine style at home at The Odds.

Christmas Eve

Anna Harvey and Denise Sewell both celebrate their birthdays at The Oddfellows Arms.  (19/12/2011)


When the time came for Anna Harvey and Scandal to part company, it was entirely appropriate the radiant mum-to-be’s last performance with them should be ‘down The Odds’. (12/081, Saturday 11th August 2012)


After too long a gap, I caught up with Candy Stripes closer to home in The Oddfellows Arms in Apsley.  (13/110, Saturday 16th November 2013)


After another long gap, Candy Stripes returned to The Odds.  (14/049, Friday 9th May 2014.)


Another long gap, although I did see Candy Stripes in 2015, but didn’t take any pictures.  The lighting in The Odds is usually too awful, but this time I bit the bullet and used flash.  (16/015, Saturday 9th April 2016.


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