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John Otway has several variations to his acts - solo, as a duo with either Richard Holgarth or Wild Willy Barrett.  He is also often backed by The Big Band, or, much less frequently, by The Hit Machine.  Other events were The Acrostic Tour of, I think, 2007,  (really?) and the legendary Dunkerque weekends, which I first joined in 2001, and which, in 2014, then evolved into the Otway Convention weekends in Southend-On-Sea.

 There are a few pictures of Otway & Richard in action at the Rock ‘n’ Blues weekend in Skeggie in 2008.

Skeggie 2008b

The ‘Hit Machine pictured at the Robin 2, Bilston, and the Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury.

Hit Machine

Stow Maries:  The Otway / Holgarth duo make a welcome return to this friendly outdoor venue.

Stow Maries

Two John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett gigs in the space of a few days.  The first back at the Limelight Theatre in Aylesbury, and the second at The Horns in Watford.

Limelight Horns

John Otway and The Big Band at one of my favourite venues, The Half Moon, in Putney, where I can usually count on meeting lots of friends.


John Otway and The Big Band return to Putney for what could have been their last appearance there.

Half Moon

John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett together again, this time at the Half Moon for another delightful evening of musical mayhem.


Another visit to Stow Maries.  What better way to spend a Summer Sunday afternoon?  (12/9/2010)

Stow Maries

John Otway and The Big Band pay a visit to The Tropic Of Ruislip. (15/10/2010)


After a gap of a few years, John Otway and The Big Band return to The Fleece in Bristol.  It was a few year since I’d last been there, too, and it seemed bigger inside than I remembered it.  A bizarre prelude to the evening was in the pub next door when everyone in there was singing along to ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic’ playing on the juke-box.  (096: 25/9/2011)


Having made significant contributions to a couple of Otway’s Dunkerque trips, it was the turn of Sur Les Docks to join Otway and The Big Band in Putney’s newly refurbished Half Moon.  (121: 25/11/2011)

Half Moon

John otway and Richard Holgarth join The Hamsters’ farewell tour at The Hawth Theatre in Crawley.  With no photography allowed in the auditorium, I was confined to the wings & backstage areas without the aid of flash.  (12/029, Thursday 8th March 2012)


Otway: The Movie.  These pictures were taken in London on the eve of the movie premiere, and they include John and The Big Band in The Leicester Square Theatre.   (12/107 Saturday 6th October 2012)


Then came the movie premiere itself, screened at The Odeon in Leister Square.  Then came the after-show party at the St. Pancras Centre, where more fun ensues as ‘The Otways’ awards were given out.  (12/108 Sunday 7th October 2012)


John Otway & The Big Band at The Borderline: It came as a surprise to note that I hadn’t taken any pictures at The Borderline for over three years, although I had been there in the mean time.  Probably the poor lighting there had put me off.  (14/039, Friday 11th April 2014)


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