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Of course, I first saw this band, with its original line-up, way back in the ‘70s.  I caught up with them again as guests on one of Otway’s Dunkerque weekends, and they became one of my favourite bands.  I’ve been on tour with them a couple of times, too, helping to sell merchandise, etc.

2002: This link is to my ‘old’ web site, when Eddie & The Hot Rods joined in on one of John Otway’s Dunkerque weekends.  This trip also included Richard Holgarth’s first appearance as a ‘Hot Rod’.

Dunkerque 2002

Eddie and The Hot Rods at Sawyers Venue, Kettering, taken in November 2006 and May 2007.  These pictures are reproduced here with the kind permission of the photographer, John Routledge .


E&THR are frequently included in the Rock ‘n’ Blues Weekends at Butlins in Skegness (see ‘Events’).  Here they are in 2008.

Skeggie 2008a

2009: Another visit to Skeggie.

Skeggie 2009

On to November 2009: E&THR at the City Hall, Salisbury.  A seated theatre venue.


Still in November 2009, the boys return to another of my favourite venues, The Half Moon in Putney.  This time, they were ably supported by The Trash Mavericks, hailing from New Jersey.  Look out for lots of familiar faces in attendance.



Later in November 2009, the boys embarked upon a tour of Germany.  The first night of the tour was in the Chemiefabrik in Dresden, formerly in East Germany, and the first set of pictures shows them supported by the Guitar Gangsters.  The second set of pictures was taken the following morning on the site around the venue.

Dresden 1 Dresden 2

The second night of the tour was in the Subway To Peter, in Chemnitz, also formerly in East Germany.


Day 3 saw us in Hamburg.  On the drive up, I took a short detour to have a look at Colditz Castle.  The Hamburger Dom Kirmes, a travelling funfair, was in town near my hotel.  The Hamburg venue, Silber (Silver) was near the Reeperbahn, so I had a very quick look around here after the sound check.


Wild At Heart in Berlin was the 4th gig of  the tour.  Very interesting venue.  A late start, too, with most of the customers not turning up until about 11:00.


After driving around Stuttgart city centre several times, and encountering the boys in the van doing pretty much the same thing, we eventually found the Landespavillon, venue for day 5 of the tour.


A chance to visit a traditional German Christmas market in Freiburg on day 6.  Tonight’s gig was in the oddly named ‘The Great Rang Teng Teng’, which was probably the smallest venue of the tour.  To get to this venue I managed to go the wrong way down a one-way street, and thus park facing the wrong way, too.

Freiburg CM Freiburg TGRTT

The last night of the tour was in the Musik Bunker in Aachen.  Also appearing was TV Smith, and headlining were The Adicts.  A great climax to the tour.



Back to the UK, and the Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford, for a double-header with The Boomtown Rats. (with apologies for the poor quality - the didn’t allow flash photography)


We’re still in the UK - The Electric Ballroom in Camden, to be precise, with The Blockheads headlining, and additional support from The Boomtown Rats.


A very special gig, as the boys return to their home turf in Southend.  The Riga Music Bar hosted the Eddie And The Hot Rods Christmas party.  Here you will see the band as it has never been seen before, and as they are unlikely to be seen again.


For the last gig of 2009, we took a trip up the M1 to The Musician in Leicester.  Here, the boys decided to unveil a new guitarrist.


Eddie And The Hot Rods share the billing with The Radio Stars at the 100 Club.

Hundred Club

The lure of Skegness is irresistible.  This is the 2010 version.

Skeggie 2010

Eddie And The Hot Rods were included with other acts at the Lee Brilleaux Memorial Show at The Oyster Fleet, Canvey, in May 2010.


Milton Keynes Midsummer Fayre (subtitled ‘Singing In The Rain.).  An open air ‘all-dayer’.  The rain started just before the Rods got on stage.  At the end of their set, I was too cold and wet to stay for The Blockheads, who were headlining.

Milton Keynes

Eddie & The Hot Rods make another return to Southend’s Riga Music Bar.  The first group of pictures in this album shows them rehearsing two new songs during the sound-check.  Tonight’s support was by the Bex Marshall Band.  (9/7/2010)


Harlow Linkfest: A day in the sun at a new all-day festival.  The full line-up was Bite, Anthem, Sounds of Weller, Sax On Fire, The Ten O Sevens, Popdad, Eddie & The Hot Rods, The Subways.


August 2010: Eddie & The Hot Rods return to The Half Moon.  This smallish album was restricted to long-range shots from my ‘merch perch’ near the back.


Prima Donna visit Southend’s Riga Music Bar, supported by The Rodz (3 members of Eddie & The Hot Rods).  Additional support was by Black Spring Rising.


Prima Donna join forces with the full Eddie & The Hot Rods line-up at the recently refurbished Twist in Colchester.  Also supporting were Fagins Den, and The Family Dickens.


Prima Donna again join forces with Eddie & The Hot Rods on the last night of their combined tour.  The venue is another one of Pete Feenstra’s, namely Joe’s Garage, at the All Saints’ Arts Centre, in Whetstone. (13/11/2010).

Joes Garage

Postponed from just before Christmas because of the snow, this visit to the Riga was Eddie & The Hot Rods (and my) last gig of the year. (28/12/2010)


Another return to The Half Moon by Eddie & The Hot Rods - with a few familiar faces in the audience (013: 4/3/2011)


Eddie & The Hot Rods make their first visit to The Tropic in Ruislip. (023:26/3/2011)


E&THR make another return visit to The Riga, this time supported by Heavy Metal Kids.  Another great night!  (071: 8/7/2011)



I joined the French ‘Pub Rock Legends Tour’ for a few gigs towards the tail-end of the tour at the end of October 2011.  The tour featured Classic & Troubles, Eddie & The Hot Rods, Nine Below Zero, and Dr. Feelgood.  I first caught up with them in Le Transbordeur, in Lyon.


Next stop, two days later, was Le Fil in St. Etienne.

St Etienne

On the way to the next venue, I stopped at a very impressive bird park (not part of the tour).


I took my leave of the tour in La Rodia, Besancon.  The bands had a further two gigs on the tour, but I was to go home to prepare a birthday celebration.



We were treated to an extended set at The Junction in Cambridge, as the intended support, Prima Donna, had managed to get themselves held up by UK immigration in Coquelles.  (12/026, Thursday 1/3/2012)


Having finally made it back into the country, Prima Donna join Eddie & The Hot Rods for a great rocking Saturday night at The Riga.  (12/028, Saturday 3/3/2012)


E&THR make a long-awaited return to Esquire’s in Bedford, with support from Reptile House.  (12/074, Friday 27th July 2012)



Due to other commitments, I was only able to catch one leg of the 2012 British Pub Rock Tour in Reims.  This first Album covers part of the journey.


The actual Venue in Reims was Kabaret in the suburb of Tinqueux.  This year’s Line-up was Dr, Feelgood, Eddie & The Hot Rods, and Nine Below Zero, i.e. without the French openers.  (12/109, Thursday 18th October 2012).



Back in the UK, E&THR are seen here in the Assembly Rooms in Islington Town Hall.  Last time I was here was to see Arsenal showing off some silverware (seems so long ago).  (12/114, Saturday 3rd November 2012)


Almost back in Southend, E&THR make an appearance at The Touchline in Hullbridge.  Support was ably supplied by Murray Torkildsen.  (13/033 Friday 22nd March 2013)


Eddie & The Hot Rods join forces with Nine Below Zero again in The Garage, Holloway Road (Highbury Corner end), London.  Notwithstanding the lack of sympathy I got after getting drenched in the rain while my debit card was stuck in a parking meter, it turned out to be a great evening.  (13/070, Friday 21st June 2013)


In collaboration with The Horns, Watford, Oceana, Watford host a showcase with Eddie & The Hot Rods once again joining forces with Nine Below Zero, this time augmented by a headline appearance of Wilko Johnson and Norman Watt-Roy. Another great night’s entertainment.   (13/121, Tuesday 17th December 2013)


December wouldn’t be December unless Eddie & The Hots Rods returned to The Riga in Southend.  This year, support was provided by The Legendary Undertakers.  (13/122, Friday 20th December 2013)


Eddie & The Hots Rods pay another visit to The Half Moon in Putney.  This is a fairly small album.  (14/020, Saturday 22nd February 2014)


Past and present members of Eddie & The Hots Rods play a special gig at The Oyster Fleet, Canvey Island, in memory of founder member, Dave Higgs.  Support was from The 45s.  (14/022, Thursday 27th February 2014)


Eddie & The Hots Rods’ first ever visit to Luton was at The Hat Factory, one of those multi-purpose venues.  Also notable was Adam Smith deputising for an otherwise-engaged Dipster.  Support was byThe Members, but I didn’t get any pictures of them.


For some reason, I missed them the last time they were this close to home.  But, at last, I got to see Eddie & The Hot Rods at The Horns in Watford.  Here, they’re again supported by The Members.  (14/032, Thursday 20th March 2014)


E&THR visit The Forum in Tunbridge Wells, with support from The Ian Nix Band (including Steve Nicol, former drummer with E&THR).  Also supporting were Tied To The Mast (not photographed, as I went for a curry after the soundcheck).  (14/038, Saturday 5th April 2014)


Another appearance for E&THR at The Touchline in Hullbridge.  Support, as in Tunbridge Wells, came from The Ian Nix Band.  (14/071, Friday 27th June 2014)


The Riga Music Bar has a new home above O’Neill’s in the centre of Southend-On-Sea.  This pre-Christmas gig sees Eddie & The Hot Rods again supported by Ian Nix.  (14/119, Friday 19th December 2014)


Past and present members of Eddie & The Hots Rods play another special gig on Canvey Island, in memory of founder member, Dave Higgs.  This time at the Thorney Bay Holiday Park.  Support was from The Statins.  (15/018,  Saturday 21st February 2015)


A small album, taken with the compact, of Eddie & The Hot Rods messing about during the sound check.  We also drank a toast for Dipster’s birthday.  Once the set was under way, I took up my erstwhile position on the ‘merch perch’.  (15/055, Saturday 23rd May 2015)

Half Moon

Eddie & The Hot Rods and Dr. Feelgood on another of their double-headers.  This one was in the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage.  (16/027, Friday 22nd April 2016)


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