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This Excellent and friendly Triple Venue is in the centre of Bedford, and despite the 40 minute drive, it has become one of my ‘locals’.

Glasgow’s Nimmo Brothers at Esquire’s Bedford, ably supported by Thunderbird 5.  I didn’t get many pictures of this gig, as I was selling Nimmo’s merchandise during and after their set.  Oh, well.  Maybe next time.  At least this small album proves I was there!


Another visit to Esquire’s, on the eve of John Otway’s 13th Dunkerque weekend.  This time it was to see the Hamsters, and these pictures were taken with my ‘toy’ camera from Argos in Skeggie.


March 2010: Esquire’s puts on an evening of four bands, featuring Benjamin Bloom, Watch The Walls, Get Set, and Wolf Law.

Four Bands

June 2010: Sally celebrates a birthday at Danny’s Bar, with music supplied by The X-Certs.

Sals Party

At the end of the same month, The Bedford Zombie Walk found its way to Danny’s Bar, where entertainment was provided by the excellent Speedshot.  The day was marred only by England’s exit from The World Cup at the hands (or should I say ‘feet’?) of Germany.


A music ‘Odds And Ends’ album that, when originally created, didn’t readily fit elsewhere, includes some pictures in Danny’ Bar, and an unknown traditional jazz band performing outdoors at the Boxmoor Annual Conker Festival (don’t ask!). 

Odds Ends

The Nimmo Brothers return to Esquire’s for another night of hard rocking blues.  This year, support was by The Ben Poole Band. (12/11/2010)


King King, with Alan Nimmo, was the reason for my next visit to Esquires (Level 2). Some great blues and guitar work.  The keyboard player was exceptional, too.  (11/12/2010)

King King

Thunderbird 5 in Danny’s Bar for a Sunday afternoon session. 001: 2/1/2011

Thunderbird 5

The Informers go back up the road to Bedford, where I first saw them, to entertain us in Danny’s Bar. (018: 18/3/2011)


Thunderbird 5 in Danny’s Bar for another Sunday afternoon session, with a surprise guest appearance by Del Bromham of Stray. (028: 3/4/2011)

Thunderbird 5

Sally’s Birthday.  The X-Certs.  Danny’s Bar.  Great combination.  (056: 5/6/2011)

Sals Party

Del Bromham played a mainly acousic set to re-launch his Devil’s Highway album, with occasional assistance from other members of Stray, in Holy Moly’s (part of Esquires). (057: 8/6/2011)

Del Bromham

The 2 Non-Blondes Chamber Pot Orchestra take the Sunday afternoon slot in Danny’s Bar.  (076: 17/7/2011)

Two Non Blondes

Another Sunday afternoon in Danny’s Bar with the first visit of the highly entertaining Mister Pink.  (094: 18/9/2011)

Mister Pink

The Nimmo Brothers return to Esquire’s yet again for a further night of hard rocking blues.  This year, support was by Esquires’ own Carlos Linnett. (104: 15/10/2011)


The informers last gig of 2011 was in celebration of Rob Vernon’s 60th birthday at Esquire’s in Bedford.  Support was by Thr3e.  (132: 17/12/2011)


In party mood, Cherry Lee Mewis entertains us in her home venue - Danny’s Bar. (11/133: 18/12/2011)


Tie One On is another regular visitor to Danny’s Bar.  (12/007, Sunday 15th January 2012)

Tie One On

Hats Off To Led Zeppelin: I’m not usually a great lover of out-and-out tribute bands, but these guys wre pretty good. (12/019, 10/2/2012)


Cherry Lee Mewis returned to Danny’s Bar to Launch her new album, You Heard It Here First.  The bar was packed, and, as well as the usual Danny’s regulares, we were joined in the audience by Del Bromham of Stray, and Sue Marchant.  (12/023, Sunday 19th February 2012)


The so-called ‘David Bowie Convention’ in Holy Moly’s.  Lasting nine hours, a few people dressed up and sang Bowie songs.  To me, it was more like an open-mic. night - and a damned expensive one at that.  I’ve paid less to see top name bands, and heard better Bowie Covers by some of the Danny’s Bar Sunday afternoon regulars..  Most disappointing.   (12/025, part 1, Saturday 25th February 2012)

Holy Molys

Pearl Handled Revolver provide a far more satisfactory end to the day upstairs in Esquire’s, with good support from The Beautiful Sleazy.  (12/025, part 2, Saturday 25th February 2012)


The highly entertaining Mister Pink returns to Danny’s for another afternoon of fun & great guitar work.  (12/032, Sunday 11/3/2012)

Mister Pink

Stray made a Sunday afternoon visit to Danny’s Bar, and gave us a solid 3-hour set with no breaks.  One of the best ‘value’ freebies around!  (12/025, Sunday 18/3/2012)


Clare Free:  I’ve been seeing the name around for a while, but this is there first time I’ve seen her in action.  Some great guitar work.  (12/041, Sunday 1/4/2012)

Clare Free

The X-certs make their traditional Sunday afternoon visit to Danny’s Bar for Sally’s birthday - with special guest appearances from a couple of members of Wired (as well as Tim).  Look out for some silly hats.  (12/052 3/6/2012)

Sals Party

Eddie & The Hot Rods make a long-awaited return to Esquire’s, with support from Reptile House.  (12/074, Friday 27th July 2012)


Another visit to Danny’s bar by the X-certs, which, of course, means another excuse for a certain small person (a.k.a. Queen Bitch) to dip into her large collection of bipperty bopperty hats.  (12/094, Friday 7th September 2012)


Cherry Lee Mewis, and other assorted pixies, in a festive mood just before Christmas.  (12/130, Sunday 16th December 2012)


More Bipperty Bopperty hat mayhem as The X-certs play their first gig of 2013 in Danny’s Bar.  (13/004 Sunday 6th January 2013)


A Sunday afternoon session in Danny’s Bar with Juicy Lucy.  Pity about the over-long drum solo.  It was all going so well until then.  (13/021, Sunday 24th February 2013)

Juicy Lucy

Another Sunday afternoon session in Danny’s Bar.  This time it’s Roadhouse.  (13/104, Sunday 3rd November 2013.


More Bipperty Bopperty hat nonsense.  The X-certs make another return to Danny’s Bar for a Sunday afternoon session.  (14/025, Sunday 2nd March 2014)


And another welcome return to the Sunday afternoon session in Danny’s Bar.  Roadhouse are still rockin.  (14/034, Sunday 23rd March 2014)


he X-certs play two gigs in one weekend: The Jungle Bar in Hertford, and Danny’s Bar in Bedford - The latter for Melanie’s birthday..  (14/089, Friday 5th September, and 14/092, Sunday 7th September 2014)

Two In One

Nigel Grodde celebrated his 65th birthday in Esquire’s, Bedford, with music provided by The A Band, aided by several guests you might recognise.  (15/017, Saturday 14th February 2015)


Del Bromham joins Simon Rinaldo of Pearl Handled Revolver to support FM on the main stage at Esquire’s.  (15/027, Friday 13th March 2015)

Del Bromham

The X-certs make yet another Sunday afternoon visit to Danny’s Bar for another of Sally’s birthday parties, with  a couple of special guest vocalists.  As usual, there were plenty of bipperty bopperty hats in evidence.  (15/061, Sunday 7th June 2015)

Sals Party

Roadhouse once again return to Danny’s Bar for a Sunday afternoon session.  At the time, Danny’s was undergoing a refurbishment, so the stage backdrops look a bit tatty.  Let’s hope some decent stage lighting is put in, too.  Other changes to the seating at the back look promising.  (16/067, Sunday 2nd October 2016)


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