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Welcome to the Photo Galleries and Albums.  To view new gallery menu pages, click on the  buttons down the left side of each page.  Where there are albums, buttons for these are on the  right. Blank Blue  Links to older albums on my personal web site use this colour type, and this button: Blank Brown  Albums contributed by other photographers are indicated using this colour type. Some of the albums are cross-indexed, and are accessible from more than one menu page.  Closing  the albums will return you to the menu page.  Recent albums may not be available for a few weeks.

If you would like  to get in touch, for any reason, and you don’t already have an address for me, please use this:

info ('at') fotohall ('dot') co ('dot) uk

The  address was formatted like this to minimise the risk of automatic scanning by or  for spammers.  Please replace the ('at') and the ('dot')s, as  appropriate.  However, to be fair, I don’t check my emails that often, so it might be easier to reach me on Facebook:

As well as once being a member of The Hemel Hempstead Photographic Society, I can also be found on Facebook and Myspace.

Eddie Hall, March 2015

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