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I first met Tracie Hunter when she and her band were supporting Eddie And The Hot Rods in Southend’s Riga Music Bar.  I liked what I heard, and have been a big fan ever since.  Tracie has since become one of the Rebelles in a new venture.

The Tracie Hunter Band at The Boogaloo in North London.  A special gig to launch the new album,Screaming Superego.  One of the tracks, ‘Broken’ was what I described at the time as the most beautiful new song anyone was likely to hear that year.  I still believe that to be true. ‘Ghost’, also, has a particularly haunting quality.


Prittlewell Party: An afternoon open-air charity gig, featuring, amongst others, Blue Moves, The Tracie Hunter Band, and Porter.


In this album, you can just about see Tracie adding backing vocals for her dad, Ian, in Mott The Hoople at The Hammersmith Apollo.  A disappointing set of pictures, down to the fact that I was in the second row from the back in the circle.  Fortunately, the sound was good enough to hear some of my old favourites, but I might just as well have been looking down from the moon.


March 2010: The Tracie Hunter Band at The Water Rats Theatre Bar near London’s Kings Cross Station.  A venue that has seen better days, and probably once had more friendly staff.

Water Rats

A couple of weeks later, only a hundred yards or so away from The Water Rats (and closer to the station - not relevant to me, as I’ve found a very good parking space just around the corner nearby), The Tracie Hunter Band appeared with The Glitter Band at The Scala Theatre.  The full line up was: Tres Cavaleras, Bubblegum Screw, The Tracie Hunter Band, Spizz Energi, and The Glitter Band, featuring Angie Bowie, and a surprise appearance by Adam Ant.  It was a brilliant night. As I wasn’t sure what the security would be like at The Scala, I only took my ‘toy’ camera with me, so I’m a little disappointed with the quality of these pictures.


Scala 2:  Back to The Scala for another great night.  This first album is just of Tracie and her band (20/8/2010).

Scala Again

Scala 2: Top of the bill was Saint Jude - well worth watching - and a great voice, too.

St Jude

Scala 2: Other supporting bands on the bill were Horseman Shakes & The Draymen (who were also Sally’s friends), and Casino.

Other Support

Scala 2:  After the main show, there was ‘Carnage’ in another room upstairs.  Then, back on the main stage, we were treated to The Britney Spears Experience to conclude this great night out.


The Tracie Hunter Band return to The Boogaloo for another acoustic set.  (24/9/2010)


The Ian Hunter Rant Band in The Ocean Room at The Spa Centre, Scarborough, supported by an acoustic set from Tracie Hunter.  (1/10/2010)


Tracie appeared at London’s 100 Club as a backing singer for Glen Matlock & The Philistines.  Support was by The Sharks, and a girl whose name I can’t remember.  Spizz Energi also put in an appearance. (5/10/2010)

100 Club

Glen Matlock was again in London, this time at the Boogaloo in Archway for an acoustic set, preceded by another acoustic set from The Tracie Hunter Band.  These pictures appear with the kind permission of the photographer, Nic O’Hara, who made my camera redundant for the evening.


Bucket & Co., ‘Guitars, Beers & Tears’, at The Purple Turtle:  Dave (Bucket) Colwell & Friends, including Tracie, Phoebe, & Maggi sharing some backing vocal support. (9/11/2010)


Tracie finds an unusual acoustic venue in Camden: The Proud Galleries in The Stables market. (7/12/2010)


Glen Matlock & The Philistines at The Water Rats Theatre Bar.  Once again, Tracie Hunter & Maggi Ronson provided backing vocals.  The venue staff are still miserable.  (033: 11/4/2011)

Water Rats

After too long a gap, I got to see Tracie doing an acousic set in the 12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, London.  Also appearing were Folkgrinder.  Not easy to take pictures here - hence the small album. (12/010, 21/1/2012)

Twelve Bar

A film shoot at the Acton Business Centre around a boxing theme. In all, 15 bands were featured, including, amongst others, The Rotten Hill Gang, The Rebelles (Tracie’s newest venture), Pink Cigar, and the Jimmy James Revue. Glen Matlock also put in an appearance.  (13/089, Sunday 18th August 2013)

Rotten Hill

The Rebelles perform at The Purple Turtle, with support from Cam Cole, and The New Forbidden (with Loyd Grossman on guitar).  (14/077, Sunday 27th July 2014)

Purple Turtle



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