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The Monarch, Camden






I first heard of The Monarch as being the home of Metalworks from a couple of it’s guest artistes, Gus Macricostas and Luka ‘Twitch’ Ravase, both of whom I met when they were appearing in in Prezence elsewhere. As far as I can make out, Metalworks are a sort of house band who appear regularly on Sundays at The Monarch, augmented by several guests throughout the evening.

I first went along towards the end of March 2014, and was hooked.  A great way to end any weekend.

As I said, my first visit to The Monarch was to see Metalworks, for a great evening of hard rock - played for fun in front of a very enthusiastic audience.  (14/036, Sunday 30th March 2014)


For my second visit to The Monarch, Metalworks were supported by Uncle Rust, who included Justin McConville from the Heavy Metal Kids, whom I had first met in The Riga Musicbar in southend, and P.J. Phillips, whom I first met in The Purple Turtle with Bucket & Co.  Again, the audience was most enthusiastic.  (14/045, Sunday 27th April 2014)


The Monarch was again the venue for a visit from Metalworks.  This time, they were supported by Mini Cooper. (15/013, Sunday 1st February 2015)


Metalworks continue their ‘residency’ at The Monarch.  (15/038, Sunday 5th April 2015)












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