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The Informers






I first encountered this band supporting Eddie and The Hot Rods in Esquires Bedford.  I’ve since seen them several times locally, and their popularity in the area is easy to understand.

In February 2010, I caught up with The Informers in Berkhamsted - at a new venue to me at the time.


A couple of months later, in April, The Informers came to another venue local to me - The Greenacres Tavern.  Despite its proximity, I’d never been in here before.


The Informers make a welcome return to The Oddfellows Arms. (16/7/2010)


The  Gade & Goose, in Gadebridge, Hemel Hempstead is another newish venue for me.  The Informers put in their usual uncompromising stint.  (008: 22/1/2011)

Gade Goose

I saw The Informers for the second time in a week, when they made a return visit to Berkhamsted (009: 28/1/2011)


The Informers go back up the road to Bedford, where I first saw them, to entertain us in Danny’s Bar. (018: 18/3/2011)


The Informers return to The Horns, Watford, and had the whole place rocking, as is their custom. (069: 25/6/2011)


Music on The Moor (Box Moor, Hemel Hempstead) was a showcase of several local bands.  Although two of my favourites, The Informers and Wired did excellent, if compressed sets, there were some notable absences, Scandal, for example.  We did have a couple of nice rainbows, though.  (072: 9/7/2011)

Box Moor

Stotfold Music Festival:  The informers headline the outdoor bands before Steve Woodward & Co. take us indoors.  (11/079, Sunday 31st July 2011)


Croxfest 2011: Another local open-air event.  The informers were headlining, and other bands in this album were The Daytonas, who were quite good, and Tenek, who sang & played along to pre-recorded backing tracks - a sort of Karaoke.  (11/088, Saturday 3rd September 2011)


The informers return to Berkhamsted once more to celebrate Bob Rixon’s 50th Birthday.  (11/123: 26/11/2011)


With the 2011 Christmas season well under way, The Informers return to The Horns.


The informers last gig of 2011 was in celebration of Rob Vernon’s 60th birthday at Esquire’s in Bedford.  Support was by Thr3e.  (11/133: 17/12/2011)


The Informers return to The Wheatsheaf in Leighton Buzzard.  (12/034, Friday 16/3/2012)


In the midst of the rainy season, The Informers make another return to The Horns in Watford.  (12/056, Saturday 9/6/2012)


A new venue for me as The Informers take us to The Ivy Leaf Club in Langford, Bedfordshire.  This is a very small album taken on the compact.  (13/026 Saturday 9th March 2013).

Ivy Leaf

Croxfest 2014: I didn’t get a photo pass this year, so I didn’t go there until the last two acts were due on - Rock Remedy, and my old friends The Informers.  But I had to get my pictures from behind the barrier.  (14/090, Saturday 6th September 2014)


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