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The Scala Theatre






This Theatre has been around for years.  In fact, my dear friend, Sue, had a part-time job here as an usherette in the days when it was still a cinema.  Now, it’s a multi-roomed complex on several levels with lots going on, as is shown in some of the following albums.

My first visit here was early in 2010 to see The Tracie Hunter Band appearing with The Glitter Band.  The full line up was: Tres Cavaleras, Bubblegum Screw, The Tracie Hunter Band, Spizz Energi, and The Glitter Band, featuring Angie Bowie, and a surprise appearance by Adam Ant.  It was a brilliant night.  As I wasn’t sure what the security would be like at The Scala, I only took my ‘toy’ camera with me, so I’m a little disappointed with the quality of these pictures.

Tracie Hunter

Scala 2.1:  The Tracie Hunter Band returns to The Scala for another great night.  This first album is just of Tracie and her band (20/8/2010).

Tracie More

Scala 2.2: Top of the bill was Saint Jude - well worth watching - and a great voice, too.

St Jude

Scala 2.3: Other supporting bands on the bill were Horseman Shakes & The Draymen (who were also Sally’s friends), and Casino.

Other Support

Scala 2.4:  After the main show, there was ‘Carnage’ in another room upstairs.  Then, back on the main stage, we were treated to The Britney Spears Experience to conclude this great night out.










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