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Southend’s Club Riga, also known as The Riga Music Bar, is another of my favourite venues.  To be accurate, it used to be in Westcliff-On-sea, but it has since moved to the centre of Sarfend.

A very special gig, as Eddie & The Hot Rods return to their home turf in Southend.  The Riga Music Bar hosted their Christmas party.  Here you will see the band as it has never been seen before, and as they are unlikely to be seen again.


Eddie & The Hot Rods make another return to Southend’s Riga Music Bar.  The first group of pictures in this album shows them rehearsing two new songs during the sound-check.  Tonight’s support was by the Bex Marshall Band.  (9/7/2010)


Prima Donna visit Southend’s Riga Music Bar, supported by The Rodz (3 members of Eddie & The Hot Rods).  Additional support was by Black Spring Rising.


Postponed from just before Christmas because of the snow, this visit to the Riga was Eddie & The Hot Rods (and my) last gig of the year. (28/12/2010)


An afternoon at the seaside, followed by an evening with The Roy Mette Band at The Riga Music bar.  A really good day.  (045: 13/5/2011)

Roy Mette

E&THR make another return visit to The Riga, this time supported by Heavy Metal Kids.  Another great night!  (071: 8/7/2011)


Having finally made it back into the country, Prima Donna join Eddie & The Hot Rods for a great rocking Saturday night at The Riga.  (12/028, Saturday 3/3/2012)


December wouldn’t be December unless Eddie & The Hots Rods returned to The Riga in Southend.  This year, support was provided by The Legendary Undertakers.  (13/122, Friday 20th December 2013)


The Riga Music Bar has a new home above O’Neill’s in the centre of Southend-On-Sea.  This pre-Christmas gig sees Eddie & The Hot Rods again supported by Ian Nix.  (14/119, Friday 19th December 2014)


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