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Nine Below Zero






Another fine band with its roots in the 70s.  I’d seen them around a few times, but caught up with them properly on The Great British Pub Rock Legends Tour in France in 2011.

I joined the French ‘Pub Rock Legends Tour’ for a few gigs towards the tail-end of the tour at the end of October 2011.  The tour featured Classic & Troubles, Eddie & The Hot Rods, Nine Below Zero, and Dr. Feelgood.  I first caught up with them in Le Transbordeur, in Lyon.


Next stop, two days later, was Le Fil in St. Etienne.

St Etienne

On the way to the next venue, I stopped at a very impressive bird park (not part of the tour).


I took my leave of the tour in La Rodia, Besancon.  The bands had a further two gigs on the tour, but I was to go home to prepare a birthday celebration.




Due to other commitments, I was only able to catch one leg of the 2012 British Pub Rock Tour in Reims.  This first Album covers part of the journey.


The actual Venue in Reims was Kabaret in the suburb of Tinqueux.  This year’s Line-up was Dr, Feelgood, Eddie & The Hot Rods, and Nine Below Zero, i.e. without the French openers.  (12/109, Thursday 18th October 2012).




Eddie & The Hot Rods join forces with Nine Below Zero again in The Garage, Holloway Road (Highbury Corner end), London.  Notwithstanding the lack of sympathy I got after getting drenched in the rain while my debit card was stuck in a parking meter, it turned out to be a great evening.  (13/070, Friday 21st June 2013)


In collaboration with The Horns, Watford, Oceana, Watford host a showcase where Eddie & The Hot Rods once again join forces with Nine Below Zero, this time augmented by a headline appearance of Wilko Johnson and Norman Watt-Roy. Another great night’s entertainment.   (13/121, Tuesday 17th December 2013)


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