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I was first introduced to the music of Mott The Hoople back in the 70s, and, since seeing them live at The Royal Albert Hall, have always been a big fan.  Ian is performing again, and I’ve recently been reintroduced via Tracie.

In this album, you can just about see Tracie adding backing vocals for her dad, Ian, in Mott The Hoople at The Hammersmith Apollo.  A disappointing set of pictures, down to the fact that I was in the second row from the back in the circle.  Fortunately, the sound was good enough to hear some of my old favourites, but I might just as well have been looking down from the moon.


The Ian Hunter Rant Band in The Ocean Room at The Spa Centre, Scarborough, supported by an acoustic set from Tracie Hunter.


The Ian Hunter Rant Band in the One With Grace Centre, Dartford, supported and backed by an excellent but very strange string quartet.  Once again, there was additional support with an acoustic set from Tracie Hunter.

One With Grace









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