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Half Moon, Putney






The Half Moon in Putney is one of London’s better known and historic pub venues, and is another where I am a fairly frequent visitor.  Recently, it was threatened with closure by the brewery, but, thanks to a well-publicised protest campaign, it has been saved.

John Otway and The Big Band at one of my favourite venues, The Half Moon, in Putney, where I can usually count on meeting lots of friends.

Otway Big Band

In November 2009, the Eddie and The Hot Rods returned here.  This time, they were ably supported by The Trash Mavericks, hailing from New Jersey.  Look out for lots of familiar faces in attendance


John Otway and The Big Band return for what could have been their last appearance here.

Otway Big Band

August 2010: Eddie & The Hot Rods return to The Half Moon.  This smallish album was restricted to long-range shots from my ‘merch perch’ near the back.


John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett together again, this time at the Half Moon for another delightful evening of musical mayhem.

Otway Barrett

Another return to The Half Moon by Eddie & The Hot Rods - with a few familiar faces in the audience (013: 4/3/2011)


Eddie & The Hots Rods pay another visit to The Half Moon in Putney.  This is a fairly small album.  (14/020, Saturday 22nd February 2014)


A small album, taken with the compact, of Eddie & The Hot Rods messing about during the sound check.  We also drank a toast for Dipster’s birthday.  Once the set was under way, I took up my erstwhile position on the ‘merch perch’.  (15/055, Saturday 23rd May 2015)


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